Figurative contemporary art
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God has died, the man has died. After the god's and man's extinction. We can only wait for the appearance of:
The New God

Modern art Spain
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Contemporary art is your thing?
Discover figurative art with a strong street art influence and intertextual elements.

Fear is the new wip I marco-min

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Figurative Streetart


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 Carlitos Quiralte contemporary artist

Who is the man behind THE NEW GOD?

The contemporary artist Carlitos Quiralte is situated in Córdoba, in the south of Spain. The painter and musician graduated from the Superior Conservatory of Music in Córdoba. During his studies he specialized in percussion and composition. In terms of art, Carlitos Quiralte started his pictorial creation during his adolescence, focusing on street art. After gaining more experiences on the streets, he began to create art pieces more frequently in his art studio. 

His art visualizes the archetypical representation of the human being. Hence, his artwork consists of the depiction of all human emotions. Feelings like passion, fear, doubt as well as the submission, the resistance to power and the violence implied in it, are seen in his artwork. Various intertextual elements, techniques, and concepts are combined in the typical illustration of the character. THE NEW GOD persona, symbolizes antiquity and modernity at the same time.

Furthermore, the art of Carlitos Quiralte is inspired by the figurative representation of naive art, pop-art as well as abstract neo-expressionism. Moreover, his contemporary art has a strong influence from mural paintings and street art. 
In order to create his paintings, Carlitos Quiralte uses a wide range of various materials and techniques: From acrylic, spray cans, pastel, collages to recycled materials and natural materials.
Moreover, Carlitos Quiralte includes meaning in form of intertextuality. He creates relationship and context with different elements outside of the purely plastic arts.

THE NEW GOD Project is created with the idea of unifying the philosophical thinking behind this art and giving people accessibility